If you are currently dealing with domestic or wildlife problems here are some quick numbers to get direction and resolutions to your animal or insect problems:

  • Florida - Domestic Animals ( Cats and Dogs ): 305-884-1101
  • Florida - Wildlife Removal, Control (Squirrels, Bats, Rats, etc): 877-427-1524
  • Georgia - Domestic Animals ( Cats and Dogs ): 706-790-6836
  • Georgia - Wildlife Removal, Control (Squirrels, Bats, Rats, etc): 877-427-1608
  • Miami & Ft Lauderdale - Pest Control Services (Termites, Roaches, etc): 786-251-9640
  • Palm Beach & West Palm Beach - Pest Control Services (Termites, Roaches, etc): 877-590-0462


Florida has many species of birds, native and non-native.

Most pest birds are non-native like pigeons. Pigeons are filthy birds and carry many other pests on them, such as fleas, ticks and mites, which pose their own health dangers to the public, including lime disease. Pigeons themselves are known to carry several diseases and can contaminate food, causing salmonella poisoning. Trained  pigeon & bird control specialists in Florida have the expertise and equipment necessary to rid your property of these creatures. We can not only safely eliminate the pigeons but can also help determine where and why these animals are infiltrating your property and how to eliminate the conducive conditions to prevent future problems. Pigeons can roost on your home or business and deposit huge amounts of unsightly droppings on your home or business that are full of disease.

Native birds such as pelicans and Vultures can do the same. Native birds like Hawks stuck inside a building can be caught and released. Non-native birds can be humanely trapped and removed and exclusion and deterrent devices can be installed so they don't return. Bird damage also requires extensive cleanup.

Don't let the Health department shut your business down. Solving bird problems are best left up to an expert.


  • Seal or cover vents and gutters to deter birds.
  • Screen off potential nesting areas such as eaves and rooflines.
  • Make sure to clean up food spills promptly and keep trashcans covered. By denying birds and pigeons of a continuous food source, they will seek shelter elsewhere.
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